Lakeland Diagnostic Imaging offers a variety of ultrasounds. Find all the information here!

Ultrasound is a diagnostic imaging modality that uses sound waves to take images of internal structures. The ultrasound technologist will use warm ultrasound transmission gel and a transducer placed directly onto the skin. The sound waves travel into the body and back to the transducer to create a real-time image of the inside of the body.

Because the transducer must be in direct contact with the skin, the patient will be required to expose the area of attention. Usually this can be done by simply lifting/lower the item of clothing and tucking a towel into the clothes to protect them from the ultrasound gel. In cases where more exposure is required, the technologist will give the patient privacy to remove the necessary clothing and a disposable sheet to cover up with.

To obtain quality ultrasound images, sometimes moderate pressure with the transducer is required. At any point if the pressure is too uncomfortable or causing pain, please notify your sonographer and they will adjust the transducer pressure as necessary.

For all ultrasounds:

Wear comfy clothes to your appointment.

Please arrive 10 minutes early with your Alberta Healthcare card (or other provincial healthcare card) and your requisition if you were given a copy.

If the preparation instructions for your ultrasound are not followed, we may be required to cancel and reschedule the appointment.