Abdomen Ultrasound

What can I expect?

During an abdomen ultrasound, you will need to expose the belly area. Towels will be tucked into your shirt and pants to protect your clothes from the ultrasound gel. You may be asked to move into different positions, such as laying on your back or side, sitting, standing, etc.

This ultrasound will last approximately 20-30 minutes.


You must be fasting for an abdomen ultrasound. Do not have anything to eat or drink from midnight the night before the appointment. These appointments will be booked in the morning unless you specifically request otherwise. You may take any medications required with a small sip of water.

Wear comfy clothes to your appointment.

Please arrive 10 minutes early with your Alberta Healthcare card (or other provincial healthcare card) and your requisition if you were given a copy.

If you are not fasting, we may be required to cancel and reschedule the appointment.